International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg

In 1952, in Mannheim a "Culture and Documentary Film Week" took place for the first time, becoming the "International Film Week Mannheim" in 1961. Since 1973 it was organised under the direction of Fee Vaillant, who was appointed Honorary Member of INTERFILM in 2000. In 1991, Michael Koetz followed her as director of the festival, which was augmented to the International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg. Since 1963 Evangelical and Catholic juries award their prizes, being united to an Ecumenical Jury in 1995. 

Festival History: 


Awards since 1963


1963 Award:
Italia Proibita 
by Enzo Biagti, Brando Giordani and Sergio Giordani, 92’, Italy 1962

1964 No Award

1965 Award:
La Cage de verre
by Philippe Arthuys and J.L. Levi-Alvarès, 90', France/Israel 1965

1966 Awards:
Time of the Locust
by Peter Gessner, 10', USA 1966
Die minder glückliche Heimkehr des Joszef Katus in das Land Rembrandts
by Vim Verstappen, 85', Netherlands 1966

1967 Award:
Le Théâtre de Monsieur et Madame Kabal 
by Walerian Borowyczyk, 77', France 1967

1968 Award:
Hora de los hornos
by Fernando Ezequiel Solanas and Octavio Getino, three parts (90'/120'/45'), Argentinia 1968

1969 Award:
by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 88', Germany 1969

1970 Awards:
Right On
by Herbert Dansk, 78', USA 1970
La Fin des Pyrenées 
by Jean Pierre Lajournade, 83', France 1970

1971 Awards:
Land des Schweigens und der Dunkelheit
by Werner Herzog, 86', Germany 1971
Where our strength lies
by Winkelmann and Büttenbender, Germany

1972 Award:
Kippe Mannheim-Rheinau, Heuweg
by Kollektiv Krauss, Ossowski and Schoeller, Germany 1972

1973 Awards:
Cousin Jules
by Dominique Benichetti, 91', France 1973
Na Wylot 
by Grzegorz Krolikiewicz, 94', Poland 1972
Der lange Jammer
by Max Willutzki, 95', Germany 1973

1974 Awards:
Last Grave at Dimbaza
Anonymous, 42', UK/South Africa 1974
Wer einmal lügt oder Victor und die Erziehung
by June Kovach and Alexander J. Seiler, 68', Switzerland 1974
O mal amado
by Fernando Matos Silva, Portugal 1974
Honorable Mentions:
Swiss in the spanish civil war
by Richard Dindo, Switzerland
by Ariel Zuniga, Mexico

1975 Awards:
Strasse im Widerstand
by Wolfgang Braun, 55', Germany 1974/75
Honorable Mention:
Hester Street
by Joan Micklin Silver, 90', USA 1974

1976 Awards:
E noi altri apprendisti?
by G. Doffini, 43', Switzerland 1976
Hollywood on Trial 
by David Helpern, 105', USA 1975
Honorable Mentions:
Double Day
by Helena Solberg-Ladd, USA
Czlowiek z Cyfra
by Janusz Kidawa, Polen
Der Umsetzer
by Benno Trautmann and Brigitte Toni Lerch, Germany
Don’t worry, it’s only a movie 
by Donald Blank, USA

1977 Award:
Fluchtweg nach Marseille
by Ingemo Engström and Gerhard Theuring, two parts (90'/120'), Germany 1977
El Grito del Pueblo 
by Peter von Gunten, 73', Switzerland 1977

1978 Awards:
Where have All the Maoists Gone?
by Michael Rubbo, 88', Canada 1978
Renaldo und Clara
by Bob Dylan, USA 1978
by Elisabeth Gujer, 70', Switzerland 1977/78
by Robert M. Young, 116', USA 1977

1979 Award:
Behinderte Liebe
by Marlies Graf, 120', Switzerland 1979.
Paul Jacobs and the Nuclear Gang
by Jack Willis and Saul Landau, USA 1979

1980 Award:
Il valore della donna è il suo silenzio
by Gertrud Pinkus, Switzerland
The Ominous House
by Masihuddin Shaker & Sheikh Niamat Ali, Bangladesh
Honorable Mention:
El Salvador - Revolution or Death
by Frank Diamand, Netherlands

1981 no awards
Honorable Mentions:
Ca peut être l'hiver, on n'a même pas eu l'été
by Louise Carre, Canada
Soldier girls
by Nick Broomfield and Joan Chruchill
Les naufragés du quartier
by Bernard Longpres, Canada

1982 Awards:
The plains of Heaven
by Ian Pringle, Australia
Roses in December
by Ana Carrigan and Bernhard Stone, USA
L'ombre de la terre
by Taieb Louhichi, Tunesia/France
Honorable Mentions:
Close harmony
by Nigel Noble, USA
Fire on the water
by Robert Hillmann, USA
Menschen wie aus Glas
by Lienhard Wawrzyn, Germany
The story of Chaim Rumkowski and the jews of Lodz
by Peter Cohen and Bo Kuritzen, Sweden

1983 Award:
by Bérnard Safarik, Switzerland
Honorable Mention:
Der Versuch zu leben
by Johann Feindt, Germany

1984 Award:
Fern vom Krieg
by Wolfgang Landgraeber, Germany
Honorable Mentions:
Next of Kin 
by Atom Egoyan, Canada
A mi iskolank 
by Jozsef Magyar, Hingria

1985 Award:
Dark Lullabies
by Irene Lilienheim-Angelico and Gloria Demers
Honorable Mentions:
La ciudad y los perros 
by Francisco J. Lombardi, Peru
Martin Niemöller: Was würde Jesus dazu sagen?
by Hannes Karnick und Wolfgang Richter, Germany
by Fina Torres, Venezuela

1986 Award:
Hellfire, a journey from Hiroshima
by John Junkerman, Michael Cannerini and James Mac Donald
Honorable Mentions:
The rat catcher
by Andrzej Czarnecki, Poland
Dancing in the dark
by Leon Marr

1987 Award:
by Andras Dér und Laszlo Hartai
Honorable Mention:
Sonderreihe AIDS-Filme

1988 Award:
"Slucaj Harms"
by Slobodom Pesic, Yugoslavia
Honorable Mention:
Het oog boven de put 
by Johan van der Keuken, Netherlands

1989 Award:
China Lake
by Dieter Weihl, USA

1990 Award:
The company of Strangers
by Cynthia Scott, Canada
Honorable Mention:
Märkische Heide, Märkischer Sand
by Volker Koepp, DDR

1991 Award:
Spätnachmittag (Indien)
by Sukumaran Nair, India
Honorable Mentions:
Der im Dunklen mäht
by Guerasim Degaltsev, Sowjetunion
by Raymond St.-Jean, Canada

1992 Award:
As in Heaven 
by Kristin Johannesdottir, Island
Honorable Mentions:
About love, Tokyo
by Mitsuo Yanagimachi, Japan
On the border of Hopetown
Short film by Wayne Coles-Janess, Australia

1993 Award:
Reste - Dableiben
by Marie Vermillard, France
Honorable Mentions:
by Fumiko Kiyooka
by Morshedul Islam

1994 Award:
It also snows in Paradise
by Audrius Juzenas, Litauen
Honorable Mentions:
The Servile
by Adoor Gopalakrishnan, India
Avondale Dogs
by Gregor Nicholas, New Zealand

1995 First Ecumenical Award:
Das Kreuz der Erfahrung
by Vladimir Tyulkin and Taras Popov, Kasachstan
Honorable Mention:
Dorothea Lange: A Visual Life
by Meg Partridge, USA

1996 Award:
A Peal
by Chang Sun-woo, South Corea 1995
Honorable Mention:
Az Asszony 
by Janos Erdélyi and Dezso Zsigmon, Hungria 1995

1997 Award:
The Stowaway
by Ben van Lieshout, Netherlands 1997
Honorable Mention:
by Colleen Murphy, Canada 1994

1998 Award:
Brothers Tied
by Derek M. Cianfrance, USA 1998
Honorable Mention:
In My Father’s House
by Fatima Jebli Quazzani, Netherlands 1997

1999 Award:
The Executioner
by Filip Zylber, Poland 1999
Honorable Mention:
Bye Bye Bluebird
by Katrin Ottarsdottir, Denmark 1999

2000 Award:
by David Ondricek, Chech Rep. 2000
Honorable Mention:
Les Chaussettes Sales
by David Lanzmann, France 2000

2001 Award:
Kira’s Reason
by Ole Christian Madsen, Denmark 2001
Honorable Mention:
by Jana Sevcikovà, Chech Rep. 2001

2002 Award:
by Eugenie Jansen, The Netherlands 2002
Glowing Growing
by Kei Horie, Japan 2001

2003 Award:
Khamoushiye darya/Silence of the Sea
by Vahid Mousaian, Iran 2003

2004 Award:
Mila ot Mars/Mila from Mars
by Zornitsa Sophia, Bulgaria 2004
Nema Problema/No problems
by Giancarlo Bocchi, Italy 2004

2005 Award:
Pavee Lackeen/The Traveller Girl
by Perry Ogden, Ireland 2005
by Ruxandra Zenide, Romania/Siwtzerland 2005

2006 Award:
Trešeta (The Card Players)
by Dražen Žarkovic and Pavo Marinkovic, Croatia 2006

2007 Award:
Uden for kærligheden (Outside Love)
by Daniel Espinosa, Denmark 2007
Cover Boy... (L'ultima revoluzione)
by Carmine Amoroso, Italy 2007

2008 Award:
by Lyne Charlebois, Canada 2008
Lluvia (Rain)
by Paula Hernández, Argentina 2008

2009 Award:
Cœur animal (Animal Heart)
by Séverine Cornamusaz, Switzerland 2009

2010 Award:
Hold Om Mig (Hold me tight)
by Kaspar Munk, Denmark 2010

2011 Award:
Bein Hashmashot (Dusk)
by Alon Zingman, Israel 2010
by Darragh Byrne, Ireland/Finland 2010
Un cuento Chino (Chinese Take-Away)
by Sebastián Borensztein, Argentina 2011

2012 Award:
Le sac de farine (The Bag of Flour)
by Kadija Leclere, Belgium/Morocco 2012
W sypialni (In a Bedroom)
by Tomasz Wasilewski, Poland 2012