Magali van Reeth

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Magali Van Reeth is Vice-President of SIGNIS Europe and chair of the SIGNIS International Cinema Desk as well as film reviewer for the SIGNIS website and for a network of French Catholic parishes and French Catholic media (radio, TV and magazines). She is moderating premiere screenings in cinemas and a workshop on Cinema and Spirituality in prison. She is member of the FIPRESCI through the French Union des journalistes de cinéma (presently board member) and was General Secretary of SIGNIS France (2006–2017). 2013-2017 she was president of SIGNIS Europe.


We often talk about Christians' attachment to cinema, as a path of faith, a crisp look to the world and a window open to an invisible kingdom. Today, I would like to reverse the discourse and evoke the fascination of filmmakers for the religious rituals, says Magali van Reeth in her greeting at the Ecumenical Reception in Mannheim 2022.
Magali van Reeth, member of the 1st Ecumenical Jury at the International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience in Chemnitz 2016, reports about her experience.


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