59th Festival del film Locarno 2006

02.08.2006 to 12.08.2006

The members of the Ecumenical Jury (left to right): Magali Van Reeth (France), Ruben Rosello  (Switzerland),  Maggie Morgan (Egypt), Carlo Tagliabue (Italy, President), Brigitta Rotach Schmid (Switzerland), Nicolae Dascalu (Romania)


Directed by:

for its artistic quality and the universalism of its story. The rhythms of swimming and the omnipresence of water give the film a contemplative flair, in which the rebirth of two men of different generations takes place.  Forsaking the pressure to conform to the contemporary world – in this case achieving victory at any cost – the film highlights the importance of self-giving in order to attain the courage to face everyday life. 

Directed by:

for a film that is both vivid and visionary in its denunciation of a world in which there is an absence of hope and love.

More about the festival

The Locarno Film Festival is not Cannes. There are no red carpets and grand entries and no photographers vying for the attention of stars. In fact, stars are not the highlight of the event. Actors and actresses—many of them famous — do attend the Locarno festival but manage to blend into the crowd and not create commotion. Unlike Cannes, the festival screenings are open to the public. Maggie Morgan, Cairo, member of the Ecumenical Jury Locarno 2006, reports about the festival