Maggie Morgan

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Film director, producer and teacher
Country of origin: 

Born in Alexandria, Maggie Morgan graduated from the American University in Cairo (AUC), where she now teaches film studies. She directed her first documentary, The Picture, in 2002. Her medium-length feature From Within: Her Stories screened at numerous festivals, while her documentary Egypt in the Eyes of Mair screened on MBC’s Al-Arabiya Channel in 2009. Morgan made her feature-length directorial debut Asham in 2012, which also marks her first scriptwriting experience. The film received prizes for Best Director and Best Editor in the Malmo Arab Film Festival in Sweden 2013, the Special Jury Mention at the Festival International des Films D’Orient in Geneva, among others. 2021 her documentary From Meir, to Meir was released.


The Locarno Film Festival is not Cannes. There are no red carpets and grand entries and no photographers vying for the attention of stars. In fact, stars are not the highlight of the event. Actors and actresses—many of them famous — do attend the Locarno festival but manage to blend into the crowd and not create commotion. Unlike Cannes, the festival screenings are open to the public. Maggie Morgan, Cairo, member of the Ecumenical Jury Locarno 2006, reports about the festival


07.02.2013 to 17.02.2013
02.08.2006 to 12.08.2006
11.05.2005 to 22.05.2005