Mila ot Mars

Mila from Mars
Mila ot Mars/Mila from Mars

Mila is fed up - with life in the city and with men who push her around or beat her up. In addition, the 16-year-old is pregnant and badly battered. In a small border village she meets nine "unworthy" old women who run a small marijuana plantation, take her in lovingly and offer her a new, unfamiliar sense of security. However, she cannot completely escape the vicious circle surrounding her tormentor, who trades with the old people. But she finds new confidence and a new love. The pot-smoking grannies are not to be trifled with. Nothing works without magic, especially not without cinematic poetry, which is the trump card in this film by a very young team. The best Bulgarian film of 2004, shot with less money than any music video - and a real hit with the public in its country of origin. Mila is not from Mars, but lands in the middle of the magical world of the present and has to learn the lesson: If you want to find yourself, look into the eyes of those around you. (Festival information)