Lluvia - The Rain
Lluvia - Regen
Directed by: 
Lluvia - Regen

On a chaotic Friday in Buenos Aires, Alma and Roberto meet in the pouring rain. In the middle of the traffic chaos, the door of Alma's car opens. Roberto gets in, injured and wet to the bones. "Please close the door! As soon as this is all over, I'm getting out." Without knowing why, Alma does what Roberto asks her to do. They have no idea that this sudden and unexpected encounter will change their lives. Alma made aimless rounds in the city in her car before, and Roberto wanted to find himself. None of them know what to do or how to progress in their lives. Alma and Roberto - excellently played by Valeria Bertuccelli and Ernesto Alterio - are people like all of us, vulnerable and therefore grow close to our hearts. (trigon-film)

The film was released as a DVD by trigon-film. Link: Lluvia - The Rain on DVD