60th International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg

10.11.2011 to 20.11.2011
Mannheim and Heidelberg


Directed by:

With striking images the director manages a gripping portrait of Israeli society. He masterfully interweaves four stories on the topics of love, forgiveness, guilt and atonement.

Parked - Gestrandet
Directed by:

In a subtle visual language the director describes a watchmaker who is struggling for his new societal start living in an old car on the beach in Dublin. Thanks to the convincing and impressive performance of the actors the film allows an immediate and unsparing look at the harrowing situation of a rootless man who never loses his dignity.

Chinese Take-Away
Chinese zum Mitnehmen
Directed by:

This film shows us in an emotionally touching way that solidarity and understanding are possible. In the guise of a tale it tells of two people who find the way to the other’s heart despite of linguistic and cultural barriers and thereby change themselves positively. Staged with a sensitive, unexcited hand, it focuses on its two main actors, but depicts at the same time its minor characters in a differentiated and warm way.