61st International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg

08.11.2012 to 18.11.2012
Mannheim and Heidelberg

Awarded by the Ecumenical Jury: Khadija Lecere

(Foto: Festival)

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The Bag of Flour
Directed by:

A young woman is finding her way between the impertinences and the chances of life, between traditional roles and the longing for self-determination. Based on an autobiographic experience, with humour and passion the director tells a Belgian- Moroccan story which shows how people can take hold of their destiny.

In a Bedroom
Directed by:

How does it feel if you don‘t feel anything? Virtuously using cinematic means the director shows a woman on a quest of her own. With the commendation the jury wants to recognize the high artistic quality and the author‘s modern signature, as well as the outstanding performance of the main actress.