Dirk von Jutrczenka

Pastor, Head of forum Kirche Bremen and Department of Religious Education and Media
Country of origin: 

Dirk von Jutrczenka (*1964) studied Protestant theology and social sciences/education (M.A.) in Goettingen and Birmingham. He is co-founder of the working groups Church and Film (Hanover) and Church and Cinema (Bremen). Member of INTERFILM since 2004 and Head of the Board of Interfilm Germany. Initiator of the project FilmZuFlucht and producer of the film DEUTSCHKURS (director: Nehad Hussein, D 2019), www.deutschkurs-film.de.


How do they manage it? The Warsaw International Film Festival had seven competitions: in addition to the International Competition, there is the "Crème de la Crème", the "1-2 Competition", the "Free Spirit Competition" as well as a documentary and a short film competition. Dirk von Jutrczenka, member of the Ecumenical Jury, reports about the festival.


14.10.2022 to 23.10.2022
13.05.2020 to 18.05.2020
06.02.2014 to 16.02.2014
08.11.2012 to 18.11.2012
Mannheim and Heidelberg
10.10.2007 to 21.10.2007
Mannheim and Heidelberg
05.05.2005 to 10.05.2005