66th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen

13.05.2020 to 18.05.2020

Due to the Corona crisis, the International Short Film Festival Oberhause is organising its 66th edition as an online festival. From 13 to 18 May 2020, almost two thirds of the originally planned festival volume of around 550 films will go online, comprising more than 350 films. Numerous sections can be viewed in whole or in part on the Internet. Visitors will have access to the programmes via a festival pass at a price of 9.99 euros, with which anyone interested can watch short films for six days without restriction, from children's films for three-year-olds to Kenyan web series. All proceeds from the sale of festival passes are passed on by the Festival to the Stiftung Sozialwerk der VG Bild Kunst.

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The film shows the psychological drama of shepherds from Lesotho, some of whom were sentenced to 9 years in prison for having stolen cows. This film caught the attention of the Ecumenical Jury for the originality of the theme, the love of a community of Lesotho for cows, for professionalism in photography direction and image aesthetics, the silences which invite the spectator to meditation. The film shows the value of cows in the lives of members of this community. But it also draws public attention to the gap between the wrongdoing and the punishment.

The Many Deaths of Arístide
Directed by:

For the innovative, original and intimate approach to the subject of war, life and death, the Ecumenical Jury gives a Commendation to The Many Deaths of Arístides. The animation of a silhouetted figure, journeying on a boat through the dark fuses with the frozen moments of time as we hear the letter of a young man that never returned home. His prayer for Olga centralises the film as hope, as a cry to God for the life of the other, as love outshining the depths of darkness. The film makes memory alive and breaks the time boundaries, transcending visually what cannot be described in words, and as such it is a work of pure cinema.

Milena's Song

The creators of Milena’s Song reveal the theme of core spirituality in their movie. They depict a story of a cleaning lady who finds her own way of manifestation of faith while being in the shadow of institutional hierarchy. Her original prayer dance opens for the viewers her initial nature of believer referring to times of the early church fathers and reminding of cultural decentralization and non-hierarchical nature. The courage and extraordinary of the message could not be left without attention of the Ecumenical Jury. As well as the aesthetic form of the short film that vividly recalls the true beauty of human reunion with the divine origin.

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Milja Radovic argues that "The Many Deaths of Aristides" is a visual artistic masterpiece.