Una sterminata domenica

An Endless Sunday
Directed by: 
Una sterminata domenica (Alain Parroni)

Brenda, Alex and Kevin wander Rome without aim or purpose, as if it were an endless Sunday. This stylistically thrilling film crafts novel images that express the lack of prospects, the frustration and rebellion of European millennials with refreshing candor. At first, the three protagonists seem inseparable. The tough, vulnerable Brenda and the rapturous Alex are a couple; the eccentric petty thief and graffiti artist Kevin is their inseparable companion. But since Brenda expects a child, Alex takes a job as a day laborer, and Brenda and Kevin grow closer. Fueled by youthful impulsivity, self-destructiveness and romantic longings, the friends’ attempt at a discussion fails. This sets off an emotional and cinematic whirlwind that sweeps everything along with it. (Festival information, Mannheim 2023)