Chantal Laroche-Poupard

Film critic
Country of origin: 

Chantal Laroche-Poupard is a film critic for and for the team of Ecumenical Jury during the Festival de Cannes. She is a member of the team of the film club “Open world: crossed views”. She was a member of the organizing team of the Eurafriclap Festival "A week of Euro-African movies in Paris" (2017-2020) and general delegate of the AAFEE (Association des Amis du Festival de Films d’auteurs, L’Europe autour de l’Europe) (2010-2017). She is member of the European Education Association, author of an European concept of communication, gave courses on German cinema and gives also lectures in the cultural context of the Church.


17.11.2022 to 27.11.2022
Mannheim and Heidelberg