63rd International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg

06.11.2014 to 16.11.2014
Mannheim and Heidelberg
Ecumenical Jury Mannheim 2014

Ecumenical Jury Mannheim 2014

On November 16 the festival juries awarded their prizes. The Ecumenical Jury choose "Nabat", directed by Elchin Musaoglu (Azerbaijan 2014) as winner of their prize. The film also won the "Mannheim Heidelberg Prize" of the International Jury. As "Newcomer of the Year" Dimitry Rubakov and his film "23 Seconds" (Uruguay 2014) took the main award of the festival. 

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Award of the Ecumenical Jury

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In a mountain village in Azerbaijan which is threatened by war people leave their homes. Living on the outskirts Nabat stays although her means of subsistence diminish more and more. As a visible sign of her spiritual resistance and the hope for a return of life she kindles lights in the village every evening. For his moving story the film finds poetic, quiet and expressive images of high symbolic value.