Ron Holloway

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Theologian, film historian and film journalist
Country of origin: 

*26. November 1933 in Peoria, Illinois; † 16. December 2009, Berlin

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Ron Holloway recalls his first visit to Karlovy Vary in 1968, and contrasts it to the festival in 2007.
By all counts, the 60th Festival de Cannes (16-27 May 2007) will go down as one of the best in its distinguished history as the queen of international film festivals. Festival report by Ron Holloway
Now in his sixth year as director of the Berlin International Film Festival, Dieter Kosslick takes particular pride in changing the image of the festival each time around. Festival report by Ron Holloway
Film critic Ron Holloway in his report reviews the competition entries of the Festival de Cannes 2006, and portrays the event as a whole.
Ron Holloway reviews the accessory sections of the Festival de Cannes 2006.
Ron Holloway reports on the Berlin International Film Festival 2006


08.11.2000 to 19.11.2000
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