Nordic Film Days Luebeck

The Nordic Film Days, founded in 1956 and since 1971 operated by gthe city of Luebeck, focusses on films from Scandinavia, the Baltic, Finland and Iceland. Linde Froehlich is artistic director since 2011. The main prize is given by the regional public tv and radio station, the NDR (Radio of Northern Germany).  An Evangelical INTERFILM Jury awards the Church Film Prize since 1996.

Festival History: 


Winners and Juries since 1996


1996, Award: 
Breaking the waves, by Lars von Trier, Denmark/France 1996
Honorable mention
Den Attende, by Anders Ronnow-Klarlund, Denmark 1996

Jury: Angelika Henschel (Germany), Jes Nysten (Denmark), Anita Uzulniece (Latvia)

1997, Award:
Die Wolfszahnkette, by Algimantas Puipa, Litauen 1997

Jury: Reinhard Middel (Germany), Per Haddal (Norway), Anita Uzulniece (Latvia)

1998, Award:
Festen by Thomas Vinterberg, Denmark 1998
Honorable Mention
Only Clouds Move The Stars, by Torun Lians, Norway 1998

Jury: Jörg Herrmann (Germany),  Birgitte Thyssen (Denmark), Agris Sutra (Latvia)

1999, Award:
The Tough Ones/Häjyt, by Aleski Mäkelä, Finnland 1999

Jury: Jörg Herrmann (Germany), Ylva Liljeholm (Sweden), Arnis Redoviçs (Lettland)

2000, Award:
101 Reykjavik, byBaltasar Kormákur, Island 2000
Special Award
Actor Jesper Christensen, Denmark for playing „Kai“ in "Die Bank"

Jury: Rita Weinert (Germany), Raymond Olsen (Denmark), Anita Uzulniece (Lettland)

2001, Award:
Elling, by Petter Næss, Norway 2000
Honorable Mention
Joki/The River, by Jarmo Lampela, Finland 2000

Jury: Antje Peters-Hirt (Germany), Ylva Liljeholm (Sweden), Ilze Abrama (Lettland)

2002, Award:
The Seagull's Laughter/Mavahlatur by Agust Gudmundsson, Iceland

Jury:Heike Kühn (Germany), Ralf Meister (Germany), Per Auen Sveaas (Norway), Jaan J. Leppik(Estland)

2003, Award
Pahat pojat / Bad Boys / Bad Boys - A True Story, by Aleksi Mäkelä, Finland 2003

Jury: Reinhard Middel (Germany), Jes Nysten (Denmark), Antje Peters-Hirt (Germany), Kersti Uibo (Estonia)

2004, Award
Uno, by Aksel Hennie, Norway 2004

Aftermath (Lad de små børn), by Paprika Steen, Denmark 2004

Jury: Ilze Abrama (Latvia), Ralf Meister (Germany), Jes Nysten (Denmark), Christiane Schlüter (Germany)

2005, Award
Koti-ikävä (Homesick), by Petri Kotwica, Finland 2005

Jury: Julia Helmke(Germany), Angelika Henschel (Germany),  Jaan J. Leppik (Estonia), Juha Rajamäki (Finland)

2006, Award:
1 : 1 (En til En / Eins zu Eins / One to One), by Annette K. Olesen, Denmark 2006
Frozen City, by Aku Louhimies, Finland 2006

Jury: Dietmar Adler (Germany), Ada Kadelbach (Germany), Ylva Liljeholm (Sweden), Agris Sutra (Latvia)

2007, Award:
Den man älskar (To Love Someone), directed by Åke Sandgren, Sweden 2007

Jury: Ralf Meister (Germany), Susanne Jakubczyk (Germany), Birgit O’Sullivan (Denmark), Anita Uzulniece (Latvia)

2008, Award:
Ping pongkingen (The King of Ping Pong), directed by Jens Jonsson, Sweden 2008
Mannen som elsket Yngve (The Man Who Loved Yngve), directed by Stian Kristiansen, Norway 2008

Jury: Thorsten Albrecht (Germany), Håkan Holmlund (Sweden), Antje Peters-Hirt (Germany), Elina Reitere (Latvia)