Framing Mom
Directed by: 

Rosemari (© 4 1/2 Fiksjon)

Unn Tove marries the wrong man. During her wedding reception, a baby is born in the bathroom of the restaurant. Unn Tove finds the newborn girl and turns her over to the authorities. The two meet again 16 years later. Unn Tove is now the mother of two daughters and works for a local broadcaster. Rosemari is trying to track down her birth mother. Unn Tove decides to help the young woman in her search and shoot a report about it. On their journey across the country, they are confronted with issues of motherhood and love. In the end, Unn Tove is faced with the decision of whether or not to tell Rosemari the truth, and the decision of how to handle her own love life.