The River
Der Fluss
Directed by: 
Joki (Der Fluss)

An eventful moment in a small Finnish town one Saturday morning: a plane breaks the sound barrier. The marketplace offers bungee jumpers the thrill of a lifetime, and Anni, a single mother, wades into the river with her child in her arms. Santeri, delivering the local paper, meets his secret lover, and Esa, a burned-out musician, is looking for his father. In the pizzeria, Leena organises a date for her boss and a colleague, while Ilpo faces up to marital ruin. In the hospital, Milja sits by her dying husband’s bedside and waits for their daughter. She saves Anni. Director Jarmo Lampela has made a kind of Finnish version of ”Short Cuts“ that shows the happy and tragic elements of human life at the crossroads.