43rd Nordic Film Days Luebeck

01.11.2001 to 04.11.2001

Award winner of the INTERFILM Jury: "Elling"


Directed by:

The Norwegian film “Elling” captivates the audience by means of its straightforward and deeply humorous story that shows in the example of two fundamentally different protagonists the fears, needs and possibilities of human existence. The former psychiatric patients Elling and Kjell Bjarne gain self-confidence and thus a greater feeling of self-value by coping with the world as we know it. In this way the director Petter Næss points to the fundamentals of human life and allows hope to arise.

The River
Der Fluss
Directed by:

The INTERFILM Jury awards a Commendation to "The River" for its fascinating, perfect shooting and editing which gets under the skin.