Mannen som elsket Yngve

The Man Who Loved Yngve
Der Mann, der Yngve liebte
Directed by: 
Mannen som elsket Yngve (Der Mann, der Yngve liebte)

They call themselves “Matthias Rust Band” and their greatest hit is called “Pussy Satan Anarchy Commando”. The band's singer and guitarist Jarle has only ever listened to punk music, gone ice-skating and hung around with the pretty Cathrine. When he starts listening to synth-pop by “Japan”, playing tennis and watching “Derrick” with his mother, it means he must be in love! The object behind Jarle's change in habits is not a girl, however, but his new classmate Yngve, with the looks of a young Greek god. Set in Stavanger in the year 1989, Stian Kristiansen's film tells the tale of a difficult coming-out with near-tragic consequences. As the Berlin wall tumbles and the classifications of a bipolar world fade, Jarle, too, must face the ambiguity of life and of his own identity. (Festival information)