50th Nordic Film Days Luebeck

29.10.2008 to 02.11.2008
Award Ceremony Luebeck 2008

Award winner Jens Jonsson with Jury President Antje Peters-Hirt

In 2008, the Nordic Film Days celebrate their 50th anniversary. Since 1956, the festival presents films from Scandinavia, since 1989 also from the Baltics. The Retrospective was dedicated to the festival history with 20 films selected by personalities closely related to the Nordic Film Days.

The INTERFILM Jury awarded the Church Film Prize to "Ping pongkingen" (The King of Ping Pong), directed by Jens Jonsson from Sweden. In addition, the jury awarded a Commendation to the Norwegian entry "Mannen som elsket Yngve" (The Man Who Loved Yngve), directed by Stian Kristiansen, which also won the main prize of the festival, the NDR Film Prize for Best Feature Film.

Awards of INTERFILM Jury

Der Tischtennis-König
Directed by:


The first full-length feature film by Swedish director Jens Jonsson (born in 1974) is convincing both in form and content, dealing with the “struggle for survival” of a pubescent outsider who surpasses himself in ping-pong. 
The director succeeds in representatively reflecting the psychological conditions of a burdened family  by means of camera work, composition and particularly in his use of colours. Rille’s development is striking in its authenticity, all the more so thanks to the characterization of all supporting roles.
The Man Who Loved Yngve
Der Mann, der Yngve liebte
Directed by:

Concise, precise and contemporary, in short: a success. Born in 1972, the Norwegian director Stian Kristiansen presents his debut, set in 1989, about the coming-out of protagonist Jarle. It deals with the topic in a novel, differentiated and sensitive manner – and with an impressive acting accomplishment  by the entire ensemble.