56th Nordic Film Days Luebeck

29.10.2014 to 02.11.2014
Life in a Fishbowl

Life in a Fishbowl

A film from Iceland is the winner of the Nordic Film Days Luebeck 2014: "Life in a Fishbowl" by director Baldwin Z won the prestigious NDR Film Award. The story focuses on the situation before the Icelandic bank crash in 2008 which brought the country on the edge of a national bankruptcy. The Church Film Prize by the INTERFILM Jury went to "1001 Grams" by Bent Hamer from Norway. The Prize is endowed woth 2500.-€ donated by the Evangelical-Lutheran Church District Luebeck-Lauenburg. 

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1001 Gram
1001 Gramm
Directed by:

Working for the Norwegian Weights and Measures Institute, Marie lives a life of numbers and exact calibrations. However, her father’s death brings her new challenges and measurements. In poetical images the film shows what is valuable in life. It tells a story about a measurable world and about the longing for a reality beyond.

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Jury member Sofia Sjö reflects upon the similarities and differences of Nordic films by considering the competition entries of this year's Nordic Film Days.