55th Nordic Film Days Luebeck

30.10.2013 to 03.11.2013

The Members of the Jury (left to right): Margrit Wegner, Luebeck (Germany), Louise Keiniche Rasmussen, Borup (Denmark), Thomas Schuepbach, Zuerich (Switzerland), Barbara R. Derboven, Hamburg (Germany)

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Awards of the INTERFILM Jury

The Hour of the Lynx
Directed by:

What drives a confused youth to commit a brutal murder? What incites a young female pastor to come to meet the young man? Will forgiveness and hope become possible in such a situation? Danish director Sören Kragh-Jacobsen copes in his feature film THE HOUR OF THE LYNX with these questions thanks to an ingenious narrative structure. He manages to connect brutal violence to spirituality. Through pastoral talks in the cramped prison cell and flashbacks to the snowy Saamy landscape, the director shows the boy’s deep psychological scar. The question remains whether any future will be possible in "the hour of the lynx".

Chasing the Wind
Directed by:

In his film "Chasing the wind", Norvegian director Rune Denstand Langlo tells parts of his personal story in a way that makes it highly understandable and can thus partly be integrated in one’s own biography. Thanks to the expressive imagery of the film and the genuine straight-forwardness of the actors’ performances, elementary themes of life are taken up. Outstanding shots of the surrounding Norvegian landscape underline the story, and their intensity goes largely beyond the local context. The film shows that life is much more than chasing the wind.