53rd Nordic Film Days Luebeck

02.11.2011 to 06.11.2011

The INTERFILM Jury with award winner Ville Jankeri (left)

Awards of the INTERFILM-Jury

Sixpack Movie
Directed by:

This very humorous movie allows us to witness one day in the life of three “street philosophers” in Helsinki. They drink, they are bored, they meet various people and they talk non-stop – in other words: they are neither very appealing nor very useful members of society. But underneath their behaviour and rude language lie a warm heart and a hint of pure goodness. The “Sixpack Movie” confronts us with our own prejudices against “losers”. The camera doesn’t look away but shows us these three men in their full human dignity. They take responsibility for each other and others in need, they are true friends and they fight for a simple and meaningful life.