59th Nordic Film Days Luebeck

01.11.2017 to 05.11.2017

On November 1, the 59th Nordic Film Days opened in Luebeck with the Swedish film "Beyond Dreams" (Dröm vidare) by Rojda Sekersöz. Her first feature film has won the Film Prize of the Swedish Church before. Since 1996 the INTERFILM Jury in Luebeck awards the Church Film Prize which since 2017 is endowed with 5000.- € by the Evangelical Church of Luebeck-Lauenburg. The winner will be screened on November 4 in the St. Petri Church shortly after the jury decision has been announced. 

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Directed by:

In search of a reconciliation with her mother, a photo-journalist returns to Norway’s sparse mountain regions. With the help of her younger half-brother, the two women gradually overcome their inability to speak to each other. The director uses arresting images and sound to confront the audience with existential questions. (Photo: © Pluto Film)

Going West

This Norwegian road movie approaches its characters with a persuasive affection and dignity. The film invites the viewer to a nonjudgemental look at human diversity. (Photo: © FilmBros)