64th Nordic Film Days Luebeck

02.11.2022 to 06.11.2022


The Church Film Prize of the INTERFILM Jury at the Nordic Film Days 2023 went to "Boy From Heaven", directed by Tarik Saleh, which addresses the political influence and exploitation of religion. The film also won the main prize of the festival, the NDR Film Prize. 

On 2 November, the Nordic Film Days Lübeck 2022 opened with the Danish documentary "Music for Black Pigeon" by Jørgen Leth and Andreas Koefoed. The festival showed 173 films in nine sections, Managing Director Susanne Kasimir and Artistic Director Thomas Hailer announced at a press conference. Over 70% of the programme was also available via streaming across Germany. "The programme in all sections is characterised by an overwhelming diversity of forms and genres and is a clear invitation to return to the cinema, to share the experience on the big screen," said Hailer. The INTERFILM Jury awarded the Church Film Prize to a film in the feature film competition, which comprised 14 entries. The Nordic Film Days honoured the Icelandic director Friðrik Þór Friðriksson with an Honorary Award. Five of his films were screened in the tribute dedicated to him.

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Boy From Heaven
Directed by:

The INTERFILM jury awards a film about a world where truth is disregarded. A young man visits the prestigious al-Azhar University in Cairo and gets caught up in the power struggle between the political and religious elite there. He is forced into a system where religion is being used as a mask.

The film reveals the source of real wisdom and personal conviction of the main character. Some may call him Angel or just a “boy from heaven”.

The Woodcutter Story
Directed by:

The INTERFILM Jury awards a Commendation to "The Woodcutter Story" for the transposition of the Book of Job into the Finnish darkness.