62nd Nordic Film Days Luebeck

04.11.2020 to 08.11.2020

The Church Film Prize awarded by the INTERFILM Jury in 2020 went to "A Perfectly Normal Familiy" (En helt almindelig familie) by Malou Reymann from Denmark. The festival jury of the Nordic Film Days awarded the NDR Film Prize to the Latvian director Dace Püce for her film "The Pit" (Bedre). The Youth Jury awarded its prize to "Tiger" (Tigrar) by Ronnie Sanndahl from Sweden, who also received a Commendation  from the INTERFILM Jury.

Due to a decree of the city of Lübeck dated 26 October 2020 in order to prevent infections with the Corona virus, the 62nd Nordic Film Days Lübeck could take place only online. The planned screenings in cinemas and other locations in the city had to be cancelled at short notice. The festival was the last under the artistic direction of Linde Fröhlich, who has held this position since the end of 2000. Her successor is Thomas Hailer, who was previously curator of the Berlinale and advisor to festival director Dieter Kosslick.

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A Perfectly Normal Family
Directed by:

The film succeeds in an excellent and sensitive way in telling about what it is like to be part of a family. There are no heroes or villains - only people who love each other and yet are incompatible with each other because we are all people with different needs, hopes and dreams. The perfect normal family story takes us beyond the boundaries of the ordinary, only to show that true human values can overcome all obstacles and are present in all situations. In our opinion this is highly relevant, because it does not concern the topic of gender reassignment itself, but the fact that changes in identity are a challenge to our relations. The film is very well executed and a jewel of acting especially by the two girls.

Directed by:

The gate is narrow, the right path is narrow - this could underline the theme of this well told story. It shows the tense situation in professional sports and brings a topic of today's society to the point: The fulfilment of dreams is put above everything else, in this case in football. On the one hand, the football players are gilded by society. On the other hand, they are cut down to their outermost limits. TIGERS is a film that makes you think a long time after the screening. It is an excellent work that is authentic and contemporary in its narrative style.

More about the festival

This year’s festival edition was perhaps the first of its kind in history of Luebeck’s Nordic Film Days. After rapid changes in coronavirus pandemic developments in Europe it was decided that the festival moves completely online.