13th Miskolc International Film Festival

Jameson CineFest
09.09.2016 to 18.09.2016
Ecumenical Jury, Miskolc 2016

The Ecumenical Jury in Miskolc 2016, from left. Viktor Kókai-Nagy, Florin-Ioan Silaghi, Praxedis Bouwman, Mark Téglasy (Phto: Ingrid-Glatz-Anderegg)

"Under sandet" (Land of Mine) by Danish director Martin Zandvliet has won the Ecumenical Prize ath the 13th International film Festival Miskolc 2016. The film also received the Adolph Zukor Award by the international festival jury and the FIPRESCI Prize, the prize of the international film critics. The Imre Pressburger Award, the main prize of the festival, wnet to the American competition entry "From Nowhere", directed by Matthew Newton.

"Three Colours: Blue" by Krzysztof Kieslowski with Juliette Binoche playing the main character was the opening film of the 13th Miskolc International Film Festival. Miskolc honoured the Polish film director who died 20 years ago by screening the whole "Three Colours" trilogy which refers to the slogans of the French revolution (freedom, equality, fraternity). Juliette Binoche received a Special Award as Ambassador of European Cinema. The Lifetime Achievement Award of Miskolc 2016 was assigned to the Hungarian film director Karoly Makk. The Ecumenical Jury chose the winner of its award among the 18 films of the International Long Feature Film Competition.

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Land of Mine
Directed by:

“Under Sandet” is excellent storytelling about a rather unknown dramatic post-WWII-event. The casting is perfectly matching the drama strengthened by outstanding photography and sound. The film pictures the dehumanisation of war, yet develops into a story of reconciliation and restorative justice. As “Under Sandet” is evolving from hate through sensibility towards compassion, it is an inspiring story even for today.  Not only for individuals in a tensed global actuality, but also for societies, guiding out of ‘demonising the other’.