INTERFILM is a membership organisation. Most of our members come from European countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Scandinavia, the Baltic and Eastern Europe), some from the US, Canada, Latinamerica, Egypt, and India.

INTERFILM embraces mainly Protestants, but also Orthodox, Anglican, Koptic and Jewish members, individuals as well as institutions. Admissions are decided by the Presidium.

Members support INTERFILM with their membership fees, with local and regional activities, voluntary work, financial and non-material contributions and of course: participation as jury members at filmfestivals.

If you wish to donate, or if you are interested in contributing or engaging yourself please contact the members of the presidium, or INTERFILM's jury coordinator:
Dr. Julia Helmke, President, email:
Karsten Visarius, Executive Director, email:
Dietmar Adler, Jury Coordinator, .