Florin-Ioan Silaghi

Florin-Ioan Silaghi

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Priest and producer
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Fr. Florin-Ioan (*1975) completed his studies in philosophy (BA) in Padua and in Theology (MD) in Paris, keeping always alive his passion for visual arts, especially photography. After his priesthood ordination he completed his Master of Fine Arts in Film and Television production at Loyola Marymount University (School of Film and Television) in Los Angeles, California, where he developed his passion for documentary film. Since 2005 he is involved in number of audiovisual productions for various domestic and foreign NGO’s in communication projects, education and formation, fulfilling all kind of positions. Member of the Jesuit Order since 1993, since 2010 Mass Media and Communication Officer of the Jesuit Order in Romania (O.C.C.S.I) and since 2013 Vice-President of SIGNIS Romania. 


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