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Award Ceremony at BUFF Malmö 2020: Church of Sweden Youth Film Award
"Lola vers la mer" by Laurent Micheli won the Church of Sweden Youth Film Award 2020. A Commendation, accompanied by an INTERFILM diploma, went to "La inocencia" by Lucía Alemany.
At the Göteborg International Film Festival 2013 the Angelos, the Church of Sweden Film Award, has been given to "Godheten" (The Goodness) by Stefan Jarl (Sweden 2012)
An interesting phenomenon emerging in a number of films shown at the Montreal Festival of World Films this year is a focus on death as a natural and acceptable part of life, rather than on death as the feared enemy of life. Three films in particular stood out, says jury member Marjorie Suchocki.
Jury member Alyda Faber reports about the Berlinale 2012
At the 35th Göteborg International Film Festival, the Church of Sweden Film Award was given to the comedy "Flimmer" by Patrik Eklund.
In the church of Spiegel-Bern, on October 17, many mourners bode farewell to Dölf Rindlisbacher who died in his 93rd year of age. He was the first film commissioner of the German speaking Protestant churches in Switzerland and will be remembered as a pioneer in the history of Protestant media activities in Switzerland.
Heike Kühn, film critic and INTERFILM member, writes about outstanding films of the Venice Film Festival 2011, about the Golden Lion winner in particular.