56th Internationales Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg

10.10.2007 to 21.10.2007
Mannheim and Heidelberg



Outside Love
Die Muslimin und der Jude
Directed by:

The Ecumenical Jury awards its Prize to "Outside Love" for the touching story of a relationship which makes the immpossible possible.

In telling a love story of a Jew and a Muslim Daniel Espinosa picks up the never ending conflict between two estranged cultures. With sensitive images and expressive interpretations, the film shows how hostility can be overcome: by mutual recognition and empathy, trust, courage and love.

Directed by:

The travel of a young Romanian migrant to Italy is a authentic odyssey through difficulties, uncertain human rights and new capitalist values. Likewise, it is the discovery of sincere friendship and the possibility to struggle for dignity. The film offers us an true artistic, sensitive and multi-layered reading of these realities.