25th International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience SCHLINGEL

10.10.2020 to 17.10.2020

"The Journey of the Prince" by Jean-François Laguinie and Xavier Picard (France 2020) won the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury in Chemnitz 2020. A Commendation was given to "Sister" by Alexander Galibin, who was also awarded the Prize of the city of Chemnitz. The main prize of the Saxon State Media Authority (SLM) was awarded to "Moon Rock for Monday" by Kurt Martin (Australia 2020). 

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The Prince's Voyage

The entertaining yet intelligent animated film sensitively uses a parable to illustrate different civilisations and behaviours. It takes us into a world of human-shaped monkeys. This allegory invites to a journey to question man as the crown of creation from one’s own and other people’s perspective. The film succeeds in inspiring all generations to reflect on universal ethical values.

My Little Sister
Directed by:

The classically narrated, touching children's film leads into a remote Bashkir village at the end of the Second World War. The pranks of the 6-year-old Jamil reflect this time and the longing for the return of his father from the Front. The loving reception of the frightened orphan girl Oksana in the family becomes a powerful image of friendship, trust, responsibility and confidence. Outstanding: the performances of the two young protagonists.