My Little Sister
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Jamil lives with his mother and grandmother in a small Bashkir village. At just six years of age, he confidently and independently lends his family a helping hand. He is hoping and longingly waiting for his father to return from the war. Jamil would also love to be a hero who fights against the Nazis. Together with his best friend Marat, he makes plans for them to go to the front together to help their fathers. But until then, Jamil has to be content with the letters the postwoman occasionally brings them. One day Jamil’s mother unexpectedly travels to the far away city and brings a strange girl home. Reserved and jumpy little Oksana does not speak a word and prefers to spend her time in the safe house. With a lot of patience and empathy Jamil tries to teach Oksana his language and encourages his “little sister” to play. As time passes, the shy girl opens up. The war is over at last, but Jamil’s father simply does not return. Finally the boy finds out the bitter truth about Oksana’s origins ... (Festival information, SCHLINGEL 2020)