Le Voyage du prince

The Prince's Voyage



Tom, a twelve-year-old monkey boy, lives in the land of the Nioukos. One day he finds a wounded old man on the beach. Surprised by this creature, which looks so different from anything he has ever seen before, he takes it with him to his parents, who work as scientists and intensively examine the unknown. It turns out to be a high-ranking being from an alien civilisation: Prince Laurent, King of the Laankos. His stay initially arouses growing interest among the people of Nioukos. However, this soon leads to increasing distress for the prince. His otherness is met with little acceptance by the apes, who have evolved into humans and increasingly adopted urban life, alienated themselves from their nature and even antagonised it. Finally, the prince has to flee together with Tom to escape a major disaster. This adventure eventually turns out to be a chance to discover a completely new way of life that is in harmony with the environment and makes use of it.(Festival information, SCHLINGEL 2020)