75th Festival de Cannes

17.05.2022 to 28.05.2022

"Broker" by Hirokazu Kore-eda (South Korea 2022) has won the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury at Cannes 2022. The international festival jury, chaired by French actor Vincent Lindon, awarded its leading actor Song Kang-ho the Award for Best Actor. The Palme d'Or went to "Triangle of Sadness" (Sweden 2022) by Ruben Östlund, who won the trophy for the second time (after 2017 for "The Square"). A special prize for the 75th festival anniversary was awarded to the brothers Jean-Luc and Pierre Dardenne for their competition entry "Tori et Lokita" (Belgium, France 2022). The Grand Prix of the Jury went ex aequo to "Stars at Noon" by Claire Denis (France 2022) and to "Close" by Lucas Dhont (Belgium, France, Netherlands 2022). Korean Park Chan-Wook won Best Director for his film "Heojil Kyolshim" (Decision to Leave, South Korea 2022). The International Film Critics Jury (Fipresci) chose "Leila's Brother's" by Saeed Roustaee (Iran 2022) of the International Competition, "Le bleu du caftan" (The Blue Caftan, Morocco, Denmark, France, Belgium 2022) of the section Un certain regard and "Dalva" (Love According to Dalva, Belgium, France 2022) by Emmanuelle Nicot of the parallel sections Quinzaine des Réalisateurs and Sémaine de la Critique as their winners.

On 17 May 2022, the 75th Cannes Film Festival opened with the zombie comedy Coupez (Final Cut, France 2022) by Michel Hazanavicius. Before, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj spoke to the festival audience via video.

In the controversy about the participation of Russian artists in current events, the festival decided not to invite an official Russian delegation, but to allow individual artists to take part. For example, theatre and film director Kirill Serebrennikov, who was sentenced to house arrest for a long time in Russia for political reasons, was able to show his latest film, "Žena Čajkovskogo" (Tchaikovsky's Wife) in the International Competition. From Ukraine, the festival presented the new documentary film by Sergej Loznitsa, "The Natural History of Destruction", as a special screening. Also running as a Special Screening was "Mariupolis 2" by Lithuanian director Mantas Kvedaravičius, who was killed during filming. The film was compiled by his editor Dounia Sichov from the material already shot. The material was saved by the director's life partner, Hanna Bilobrova, who presented the film as Kvedaravičius' legacy.

The official website of the Ecumenical Jury includes interviews with the jury members, photos, and numerous articles about the films of the festival. The Jury, appointed by INTERFILM and SIGNIS, awarded its prize for the 48th time.

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Link: Website of the Ecumenical Jury in Cannes

Link: Portrait of the Ecumenical Jury in "The Hollywood Reporter"

The Ecumenical Jury in Cannes 2022, from left.: Praxedis Bouwman, Dietmar Adler, Waltraud Verlaguet (President of the Jury), Monique Beguin, Mariola Marczak, Irina Margareta Nistor


Directed by:

When a baby is left in front of a “baby-box“ facility of a church, two men initially try to sell the baby, girls being cheaper than boys! Yet when the mother comes back a whole different story unfolds.

The film shows in an intimate way how family can be family without blood ties. Lives and souls are being protected by a secure environment created by the three adults and an orphan boy around the baby, despite the many different tormented backgrounds.

The main characters are all dealing with guilt in a vulnerable way. In a touching conversation between two adults, one abandoned by parents, the other having abandoned her child, a groundbreaking way of giving ‘forgiveness by proxy’, is screened.