Monique Beguin

Executive assistant
Country of origin: 

Monique Beguin (*1950), besides studying management and accounting, working at the direction of an architecture firm and as an executive assistant for the manufacturing, import-export and marketing of jewels, she has been taking part in the organization of the ecumenical Jury in Cannes since 1994. In charge of Public Relations since 1996, then responsible for the organization of the ecumenical Jury’s stand at the film market. In order to facilitate the welcome and the work of the members of the Jury she supported in 2004 the creation of SIGNIS-Cannes, becoming its treasurer and since 2015 co-manager of the stand. In 1995, she takes part in the creation of the film club Cine Envol, which aims to promote the award-winning films of the major festivals, and has been its vice-president for 15 years.


17.05.2022 to 28.05.2022
02.08.2017 to 12.08.2017