Milan Simacek

Actor and journalist
Country of origin: 
Czech Republic

Milan Simácek (*1962 in Hodoním, †2018 in Prag) was a Czech actor and journalist. He played roles in several popular films and won the Award for Best Actor at the International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Zlín 1990 for the role of a retarded young man in the "The Fools and Little Girls" (Blázni a devcátka, 1988) by Karel Kachyna. He also worked as cultural publicist. He was deputy director of the Academy of Journalism established by the Prague Archdiocese, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Christian weekly Naše Rodina, Press Secretary of the Prague Chamber of Commerce and editor-in-chief of its journal. His last role he played in "The Painted Bird" (Nabarvené ptáčeby) directed by Václav Marhoul which was released in 2019.


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