40th Zlín Film Festival

International Film Festival for Children and Youth
28.05.2000 to 03.06.2000

In 2000, the festival celebrated its 40th anniversary. On this occasion the traditional competition for children up to 12 years was extended to a second competition section for teenagers from 13 years onwards.

For the first time an ecumenical jury awarded prizes in Zlín. They choose as winner the Iranian entry "Charkh" (The Cart) which also won the "Golden Slipper" for the best film for children. The "Golden Slipper" for the best film for youth was awarded to "Rodens" by Sebastian Cordero from Ecuador. The Ecumenical Jury in addition awarded a Commendation to  "To kanarini podilato" (The Canary Yellow Bicycle) by Dimitris Stavrakas.


The Chart
Der Karren
Directed by:

In a very special and very human way, the film deals with the subject of guilt and forgiveness. His impressive minimalistic style provides him with universality and timelessness.

The Canary Yellow Bicycle
Das kanariengelbe Fahrrad
Directed by: