Douglas P. Fahleson

Douglas P. Fahleson
Writer, director and producer
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Douglas P. Fahleson is a writer, director and producer. He has served on various SIGNIS and Ecumenical juries at international film festivals. He is also a film critic and has helped to organize a number of film evenings at local parishes throughout the Dublin region. He has been a SIGNIS Europe delegate since 2013 and was instrumental in helping to organize the global SIGNIS TV Seminar 2018.



Zlin is a true international film festival with this year’s Official Competition films originating from 15 countries. The overall theme apparent from this year’s competitive slate of films seemed to be that of a young protagonist from a broken home that is forced into adulthood a bit too quickly, leaving innocence and childhood behind, in order to care for or teach an adult an important life lesson, jury member Douglas Fahleson reports.
Douglas Fahleson, president of the Ecumenical Jury, reports about the 2013 festival and reflects its cultural and histrical context


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