55th Zlín Film Festival

International Film Festival for Children and Youth
29.05.2015 to 04.06.2015
Behaviour (Conducta)

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Behaviour (Conducta)

"Behaviour" (Conducta), a Cuban film by director Ernesto Daranas, is winner of the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury in Zlín 2015. The Jury also awarded a Commendation to "Mina Walking", an Afghan-Canadian co-production directed by Yosef Baraki. Both films have been awarded as well with the "Golden Slipper", the main award of the festival, in the International Competition for Feature Films for Youth.

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Awards of the Ecumenical Jury

Directed by:

A bitter look at the harsh reality of growing up in contemporary Havana, this is a multi-layered and well-constructed story that shows how one person's love, strength, and conviction can conquer the cold reality of an uncaring system determined to tear an 11-year old boy from the only way of life that he knows. This is a generous story of the human spirit and its ability to maintain dignity and hope while transcending the forceful truths of a modern society in flux. (Photo: © trigon-film)

Directed by:

Set amidst the chaos of modern Kabul, this documentary-style tale highlights in dramatic fashion the incredible strength and resilience of one young girl and her resolve to care for her family at the expense of her own education, innocence, and youth. Her desperate journey is saddened as she chooses to become one of society's faceless.

More about the festival

Zlin is a true international film festival with this year’s Official Competition films originating from 15 countries. The overall theme apparent from this year’s competitive slate of films seemed to be that of a young protagonist from a broken home that is forced into adulthood a bit too quickly, leaving innocence and childhood behind, in order to care for or teach an adult an important life lesson, jury member Douglas Fahleson reports.