61st Zlín Film Festival

International Film Festival for Children and Youth
09.09.2021 to 15.09.2021

After a first part held online (28.5.-1.6.2021), the second part of the 61st Zlín Film Festival will open on site on 9 September. The festival will focus on the sections of the international competition, which is divided into three age groups (children, juniors and youth). In addition, the festival will show a short film competition, a documentary film competition and a student film competition.

The special programme of this year's festival is dedicated to the theme "Literature in Film". This programme is also divided into several sections. Among others, classics, comic adaptations and stories of heroes will be shown.

The Ecumenical Jury will observe the feature film competitions from which it will choose its winner.

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Directed by:

Twelve-year-old Tekahentahkhwa ("call me Beans") belongs to the indigenous Mohawk people of Canada. During the Oka Crisis in 1990, she searches for her way and emancipates herself between the role, which was meant for her in the family, and role models of older youths.
A peaceful protest against a planned golf course on a traditional Mohawk cemetery is answered with racist riots. The film shows impressively how this affects people and how also anti-racism becomes radicalized. On the other hand, strong women become peacemakers in a world of violence.
The film functionally combines fiction style with documentary footage. The aesthetics of the film thus collaborates with the two thematic levels of the story: the personal and the social.


Valentina is 17 and trans. She moves from the city to the Brazilian countryside with her mother to start over as a young woman. But a sexual assault exposes her and again she faces resentment.
In all her despair, she always finds friends who stand by her.
Impressive film with a simple narrative that touches us deeply and opens up possibilities for dialogue especially for young people, and gives courage.