30th FilmFestival Cottbus

Festival of East European Cinema
08.12.2020 to 13.12.2020
Beanpole (Dylda) by Kantemir Balagov

In the section "Close Up WWII": "Beanpole" (Dylda) by Kantemir Balagov

Due to the restrictions of public life to reduce new corona infections decided by the Federal Government and the Minister Presidents of the Länder on 28 October, the 30th FilmFestival Cottbus is postponed. It will now take place from 8 to 13 December. The Ecumenical Jury will view and discuss the films in the feature film competition online, 12 productions in total.

In addition to the competition sections, the festival will also show films in several specials and special series, among them the series "Frust und Freiheit" (Frustration and Freedom) films about the aftermath of German unification after 30 years and the series "Close Up WWII" about the end of World War II 75 years later. The festival programme comprises a total of 201 films.

Link: Festival-Website