52nd International Film Festival Cannes

12.05.1999 to 23.05.1999


All About My Mother
Directed by:

Mixing vigour, humour and humanity, Pedro Almodóvar dives us into not always easily accepted situations. Manuela, deeply wounded by her son's death, helps us to have an unprejudiced, loving and benevolent look upon some unusual and puzzling charactewrs. She displays an energy of love enabling each of us to find the strength to live.


Rosetta is "Daughter Courage". In the mud of the campingsite she fiercely struggles to survive. She struggles also for a better life for her alcoholic mother. Thanks to a very close camera, we share Rosetta's distress and angers. Through her singularity we deeply experience the struggle of so many discarded men in women in our society of abundance.