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Preisverleihung World Cinema Exchange Award 2023 in Amsterdam
Prize goes to film by Apolline Traoré from Burkina Faso
At the film festival World Cinema Amsterdam 2023 the World Cinema Exchange Award went to "Sira", directed by Apolline Traoré from Burkina Faso.
The Church Media Foundation Award at the 52nd Tampere Film Festival in 2022 goes to Susanna Helke for the film "Ruthless Times - Songs for Care" (Armotonta menoa – Hoivatyön lauluja, Finland, 2022).
Angelos, the Church of Sweden Film Award, in 2022 was given to "Day for Day" (Dag för Dag) , directed by Felix Herngren.
At the 32nd Tromsø International Film Festival (17-23 January, 2022) the Faith in Film Award was given to "Medusa", directed by Anita Rocha da Silveira from Brazil.
List of prizes awarded by church film juries 2021
Freek L. Bakker, member of the Interreligious Jury, comments on the award winning films of the festival.
INTERFILM member Sofja Sjö from Finland reports about a conference in Sárospatak (Hungary) on representations of the Eucharist in film and other forms of actual visual culture.
S. Brent Rodriguez Plate, President of the Ecumenicval Jury in Locarno 2021, reflects on the festival experience and comments on films which were discussed in the jury extensively.
At the festival World Cinema in Amsterdam, a jury of INTERFILM member Het Filmgesprek awarded a film for the second time.
On March 22nd, 2021, journalist and methodist minister James M. Wall passed away. He was a key figure for promoting the Protestant film and cinema commitment in North America. Philip Lee, General Secretary of WACC and editor of the journal "Media Development", appreciates the deceased.
"Radio Silence" highlights the essence of freedom of speech, human rights and democracy expressed by the courage of journalists in Mexico to fight against state corruption, drug crimes and injustice in this country.