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Festival report by Stanislav Zeman, President of the Ecumenical Jury
Stanislaw Zeman, president of the ecumenical jury at the International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Zlín 2024, reports about his impressions of the city and the competition programmes.
"I have forgotten the feeling of seeing," says Viera Čákanyová at the beginning of "Poznámky z Eremocénu" (Notes from the Eremocene). In the cinema, a sentence like that can send a shudder through your limbs. Karsten Visarius reports about the Forum section of the Berlinale.
After two years of Corona restrictions, the 73rd Berlinale took place again able to take place as a presence festival.According to its own claim, the Berlinale sees itself as a festival of solidarity with the disenfranchised and oppressed of the world. Accordingly, there have been demonstrations of solidarity with women in Iran and Ukraine.
One of the most frequently asked questions to the Ecumenical Jury is: What criteria do you use to choose your prizes? We are not looking for the "better Jesus film", explained jury member Kerstin Heinemann in an interview. In fact, there is a list of points to consider. Outstanding artistic quality is just as much a part of it as respect for human dignity, Miriam Hollstein, president of the Ecumenical Jury at the Berlinale 2023, writes in her festival report.
After two years of limitations due to the Corona pandemic, the 73rd Berlinale is back to its usual scope. It will open on 16 February with the romantic comedy "She Came to Me" by Rebecca Miller, which will be screened as a Berlinale Special Gala.
"Puss hej då" (Love you bye) by Anna Fredriksson wins the "Angelos" Film Prize 2023.
Sarah Polley's "Women Talking" wins prize of Norwegian church institutions.
List of church film prizes awarded in 2022
For more than 70 years, the Protestant Film Jury in Germany (Jury der Evangelischen Filmarbeit) has awarded the title FILM OF THE MONTH to a film currently being shown in cinemas. The jury chose the FILM OF THE YEAR: "She Said" from the films that received the award in 2022.
At the 8th Human Rights Film Festival Zurich, a jury appointed by Interfilm Switzerland awarded the Prix Célestine to "Alis" by Clare Weiskopf and Nicolas Hemelryck.
We often talk about Christians' attachment to cinema, as a path of faith, a crisp look to the world and a window open to an invisible kingdom. Today, I would like to reverse the discourse and evoke the fascination of filmmakers for the religious rituals, says Magali van Reeth in her greeting at the Ecumenical Reception in Mannheim 2022.