Majid Movasseghi

Director, critic, lecturer
Country of origin: 

Majid Movasseghi (*1977) studied at the Drama Department of the Art & Architecture Institute in Tehran and worked both as a theater director and assistant of directors in Iranian cinema and television. From 2003-2009 he studied film direction at the VGIK (All-Russian State Film Academy, Moscow) under the guidance of Vadim Abdrashitov. His short and documentary films have been selected by a number of local and international film festivals. Majid Movasseghi has been teaching from 2009-2014 various courses about directing and acting at various universities and held also many workshops on cinema and theater in Iran and abroad. His film reviews have been published in many magazines and dailies. Recently he moved to Zurich.


15.04.2021 to 25.04.2021
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