Directed by: 
Yrittäja (Entrepreneur)

Entrepreneur is a documentary about Finnish entrepreneurs of universal nature. This warm and carnevalistic film portrays humans in the middle of everyday survival. The main protagonists come from two totally different kinds of landscapes, from two diffent time zones. There is a scenery of contemporary modern society and just a few hundred kilometres away we find a rural and nostalgic universe with forgotten people and land. Our first protagonists are a Fellini-like family, going from one village to another, trying to sell meat from a small meat truck and also to run a tiny funfair business. The father, the mother and their four children are working together and trust only in themselves, not in the help of society. While the family of the countryside is counting coins, the other pair of entrepreneurs, two well-educated women from the capital area, have invented a vegetable protein product called Pulled Oat, and have become millionaires. But did they also make the world a little bit better?