Meester Kikker

Mr. Frog
Directed by: 
Meester Kikker (Mr. Frog)

© Film production

Little Sita really takes after her mother, a veterinarian. Sita also adores animals. At home she has ferrets, a turtle and small chicks. But most of all she is interested in the inhabitants of the nearby pond, the frogs. In class, she gives a lecture about them, rather than about cats – as agreed with teacher Frans. But in the middle of her talk, Mr Frans leaves the classroom. In fact, he behaves very strangely whenever these croaking, slimy animals are referred to. She soon learns why: teacher Frans is a little different from ordinary people. Sometimes he goes very green and turns into a frog. The adults, especially the new, strict director Stork, must not notice it; otherwise teacher Frans would be forced to give up his job. Neither Sita, nor her friend Wouter or their classmates want this to happen. So they have to look after him from now on because the transformed Mr. Frans is exposed to many dangers: director Stork, as well as the many other storks in the area.