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I am a Fucking Panther
I am a Fucking Panther (Leo Palmestål, Anders Rundberg, Jennifer Jerez)

Biskopsgården in Gothenburg is a district racked by gang crime and gun violence. In recent years the Panthers For The Restoration Of The Suburbs has emerged as a positive counter movement. Leo Palmestål and Anders Rundberg made their first documentary about the Panthers, Do no treat us like animals (2012) and their follow-up was made together with Jennifer Jerez. In an observatory way, the camera registers the spectacular May 1st celebrations where Bobby Seale from Black Panthers was a guest one year and the band Dead Prez another; the funeral of a shooting victim; trips to Husby and Rosengård and the Panther writing class helmed by the poet Johannes Anyuru. All is not sunshine and roses – internal strife gets its share of screen time – but as a whole, the film is an inspiring and hopeful take on the most important questions facing our society in the future. (Festival information, Göteborg 2014)