Church of Sweden Film Award 2014

I am a Fucking Panther (Leo Palmestål, Anders Rundberg, Jennifer Jerez)

The documentary "I am a Fucking Panther" by Leo Palmestål, Anders Rundberg, and Jennifer Jerez is the winner of the Church of Sweden Film Award "Angelos" 2014. The prize was presented by bishop Per Eckerdal at the premier screening of fhe film at the Gothenburg International Film Festival on January 29th 2014. The winners were awarded with 50.000 SEK and an Angelos icon by Erland Forsberg. The jury's motivation reads: "With patience and delicate closeness the directors capture the initiative and drive of the Panthers. The film demonstrates the acute need for a vitalization of democracy and inspires to solidarity and commitment. The jury’s united reaction: I want to be a panther too!” The members of the jury were Rev. Mikael Ringlander (President), Gothenburg Diocese, Anne-Louise Eriksson, Dean at the Church of Sweden Institute for Pastoral Education, Charlotte Wells, Executive Official for Culture at Church of Sweden, and Gorki Glaser-Müller, director and video artist.