59th Zlín Film Festival

International Film Festival for Children and Youth
24.05.2019 to 01.06.2019


"Psychobitch" by Martin Lund (Norway, 2018) has won the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury in Zlín 2019, as well as the main prize of the Youth Jury. In the Competion for Children's Films, the Ecumenical Jury awarded a Commendation to "Rocca Changes the World" by Katja Benrath (Germany, 2019) which also won a Special Recognition by the International Expert Jury, the Prize of the International Children's Jury and the Audience Award.

 The Golden Slipper, the main prize of the festival, went to "My Extraordinary Summer with Tess", directed by Steven Wouterlood (Netherlands, Germany, 2019) in the Children's Film Competition, and to "Giant Little Ones", directed by Keith Behrman (Canada, 2018) as Best Feature Film for Youth.

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Directed by:

In a touching way the film tells a story about the importance of living truthfully. In a small Norwegian village shool Marius by chance experiences the world of outsiders, having in mind to 'fix' the apparantly different social behaviour of one of his classmates, Frida. Marius gets into an unforeseen, challenging but exciting and adventurous relationship which leads him to be honest with himself and others.

Rocca Changes the World
Directed by:

In this film the spectator is confronted with Rocca, the eleven years daughter of a German astronaut. The story begins at the moment when she, coming from the Gagarin cosmonaut Centre in Kazakhstan, lands in Hamburg to live with her grandmother and to go to school in a residential area in Hamburg. Her care, creativeness and non-conforming way of life brings joy to the people she interacts with and changes them profoundly.